Welcome to my ChiWowTown
~~~Nurseries & Playrooms~~~
One should expect ALL pricing to begin at $2500 - $3500 and up. 
(Some may be more, some may be less....and it is entirely up to me!
My pricing is NOT based on 'what else you've seen on the internet' or what other puppies are 'going for' 
and most certainly not 'what you paid for your last puppy'.
All interested buyers MUST submit an Application or Wishlist or an email with detailed information
to be considered for a puppy adoption and to visit my home. 
I will ask for proof of identity (in the form of a copy of a driver's license) if you would like to visit my home. 
I need to know who is coming to my home before they actually do! 
If you have a problem with that, I have a problem with you! 

Visit the Application & Pr
icing page for
My Puppy Wishlist'
I do not do Wait Lists or 'advance' deposits.
I do not like the chaos of Wait Lists, nor the artificial "demand" they're designed to create.
These are sneaky tactics used by some to make their dogs appear more desirable or in higher demand than they really are.
Adults are NOT placed 'free to good home' at ANY point !EVER! 
If not listed, PRICING will be discussed when a completed Application/Wishlist or detailed email is received.
Prices are subject to change at any point up until a deposit is received.
Please be SURE you are committed to the puppy you choose BEFORE sending a deposit.