Keeping in touch with my customers, and many times friends, is always very rewarding. Please feel free to send photos, emails, Facebook messages as the puppy grows into beautiful adults!

Reagan wiith Mila
(AKA Daisy)

Duncan with new mom Lisa 
July 6, 2013

Dick and Pat
with Toby and Molly @ 8 weeks
June 16, 2014

Sharon with Joey
June 2014

Tiffany in Boston, MA
with Tequila 
October 2014

Mike & Ashley
with Buster
October 2014

Linzey with Topanga
August 2014

Kathleen with Penny

Savanna, Ashley and Brooke
w Misty (AKA Sophia)
Minnie (AKA Skyler)

Mason and Alana with Buggy
February 2011

Lisa in Vermont
with Diesel and Duncan
(Father and Son)

Alyssa & Lisa 
with Gracie and Violet
August 2014

Nancy with Sadie

Dennis with Scout
Summer 2004

Choco now out in CA

Danielle w Rusty

Erika and Liberty @ 9 weeks 

Julia and Leigh 
with Kazi
August 2014

Lisa & Adele in Ontario, CA
with Mousy & Liberty
November 2014

Heather with Sissy
April 2014

Sissy @ her new home with fur siblings Gemma & Bradley
Thank you Heather and John!

Bella with Armondo & Lindsey