Where your pet's health is our concern. Today we have a thriving business with over 600 dealers nationwide, more than 30 distinct products, and a fantastically positive base of “raving fans” out there whose animals have benefited from Paxxin and the other products we developed later. It seems my mother, Pat, was able to duplicate the results she achieved with her original formula many many times over!

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The herbal, technical genius behind Amber Technology is Pat Griffiths. Pat especially read the writings of herbalists who have been tapping the healing attributes of nature’s plant life for centuries and the body of herbal literature and what benefits are attributable to every herb to be found on God’s earth.

Ask me how I've used MSM powder to help keep the intestial tract of my dogs strong and protected against invasive parasites.
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Holistic pet remedies at discount prices

Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer...Natural wisdom for you and your dog.
Provides a full range of services including: obedience training for puppies and dogs, canine behavior modification, canine psychological rehabilitation, specializing in assisting dogs that are experiencing extreme states of insecurity, anxiety and aggressive-reactive behavior, diet, nutrition & wellness advice & plans for canines and felines.