Welcome to Costello's ChiWowTown
Where naturally reared Chihuahuas are our passion.
Focusing on holistic care & remedies and natural & organic diets.  
My dogs are my heart, my soul, my passion, my reason. 
See the difference nature makes in the health of our dogs.

No dog cares if he's "Best in Show"...but EVERY dog cares if he gets the BEST IN LIFE!

I will NEVER apologize, compromise or negotiate what I believe are the most important things a "BREEDER" should be doing when raising dogs and puppies.
- giving puppies the absolute best start in life with healthy, organic, 
raw homemade meals 
which allows for the development of a healthy, natural and diverse gut biome 
which ensures a puppy will develop a robust and strong immune system as he/she grows.
- limiting potentially harmful pharmaceuticals that puppies receive, often from a very young age.
- limiting or eliminating harmful and sometimes deadly neurotoxins 
that puppies are often exposed to control parasitic infestations and other infections.  
- the use of all natural, homeopathic, holistic products for routine care and preventative maintenance, 
eliminating the need for some harmful carcinogenic products.
A breeder having a "puppy available", should be your last consideration 
when deciding from whom to purchase a baby. 

Please submit a Wish List/Application to be considered for a puppy adoption and/or to visit my home. 
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Do you know...
Do you know, understand, appreciate and respect what it takes to create a wonderful purebred holistic family pet Chihuahua and what a small in-home Chihuahua breeder endures on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly...lifetime basis to create the amazing pup you're looking to bring into your family?? 

Answer: It takes LOVE, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, hours of devotion, drained bank accounts, midnight visits to the emergency vet costing thousands of dollars, plenty of heartache and hours & hours & hours of puppy play time! If you are looking for a $500 Chihuahua, you have no business contacting a breeder and you have no idea what a caring, home breeder endures or does. You should be contacting a rescue or shelter instead.
I do not receive any public funds, charity, hand outs, discounted veterinary care, volunteer services or donations. 
Everything I put into my breeding program and babies comes out of my own personal pocket, time, energy, heart and resources. I do not receive any hand outs and therefore do not 'hand out' my babies, of any age. 
If you're looking for cheap dog/puppy, you've come to the wrong place.

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Select which statement below describes your reason for contacting me!
I respect the time, effort and money a good breeder puts into their program and babies. I am looking for a healthy, well bred, well socialized,  amazing Chihuahua...
...from a dedicated, committed, responsible, ethical, educated and informed breeder. 
I don't care where my Chihuahua is bred or raised or if it's healthy. I don't feel like I should have to pay for quality. My money is worth more than a breeder's time. I want a Tea Cup Chihuahua and my budget is only $500.