My Mission

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No dog cares if he's 'Best in Show'...EVERY dog cares if he has the 'BEST in Life'!

My beliefs and my practices have evolved over many years of experience, learning, crying, bleeding, defending, and listening. The most important thing people should know about my breeding program is that this is NOT a passive hobby. This is a full time commitment...morning and night and all day in between. When I started out on my journey to become a breeder of amazing Chihuahuas, I called dozens of show breeders, visited some of their homes, asked hundreds of questions and learned as much as I could. I used to think seeing a bunch of ribbons and trophies on a kennel wall meant I was getting the best dog possible, raised by the most dedicated and caring owner. Sadly, over the years, I have learned that ribbons and trophies and squawk about show rings only means a breeder partakes in does NOT guarantee a healthy, well socialized, well cared for dog, nor does it even mean you've found the best breeder. Too many times, I found myself walking away from a breeder's kennel knowing the dogs were not getting the best care and services they deserved and would demand if they were able; overgrown toe nails, heavily plaque coated rotting teeth, and flea infestations made my eyes swell with tears and my heart with anger. I did NOT want to be THAT kind of breeder, a breeder who cares more about a ribbon or a trophy than the care of each one of his/her dogs. After learning to care for my dogs proactively, naturally and holistically, my focus was no longer on winning a ribbon, but winning the hearts of my buyers AND my dogs! I was no longer impressed by mere ribbons and titles...I needed more. I needed the whole to bottom, start to finish, morning until night. My dogs were going to receive the BEST care of any dog, anywhere no matter what their designation (show, companion, or breeder). This care includes a diet of fresh raw whole meats and veggies, limited pharmacological interference, holistic preventatives, and a phenomenal hygiene regimen. My goal and mission is to educate and inspire as many fellow pet owners around the world as possible and to provide the very best care and natural treatment to all the dogs. As far as I am concerned, if a breeder's dogs are not ALL in the condition of the dogs in the show ring, they have no business breeding dogs.

My Final Thoughts...

If you are a show/exhibition breeder and EVERY ONE of your dogs is not in the SAME tip top show condition as the ones you enter into the show have NO BUSINESS showing or owning dogs. I’ve seen it again firsthand and am so sick to death of the hypocrisy from elitist “show” breeders and exhibition breeders who yammer on about how what “they do” betters their breed and they only care about bettering the lines...really?! But you let the dogs you don't show, live with horribly overgrown nails, HORRIBLE DISGUSTING PLAQUE COATED rotting teeth, coats with dry missing/patchy spots, fleas, stinking to high heaven...tell me again how you only CARE ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF THE DOGS?!?!

I couldn’t possibly care any less about your belief that you are “bettering” the breed...when the ones left behind receive sub-par care. Spare me the elitist, self ascribed superiority and blather about lines, quality, structure and stacking pose....go clean your dogs’ teeth, trim their nails so they aren't limping from the discomfort of walking on overgrown nails, feed them food with SOMETHING that resembles actual meat, and give them some fresh air and sunlight! Don’t you DARE act superior unless EVERY ONE of your dogs is in the exact same or better condition as your show candidates.

I challenge every show breeder and/or buyer out there to come to my home...if you find a SINGLE dog with an overgrown nail or even ONE tooth covered in plaque...I will GIVE YOU ALL MY DOGS!! For anyone who thinks every breeder is the same as every are sorely mistaken! I wish I could actually imprint on people the importance of seeing ALL the dogs in a breeder’s care. You need to check their teeth, their nails, their coats, their behavior. Breeding, housing and caring for dogs and puppies is NOT a part time job. It is an all consuming, full time commitment...CARING and treating dogs the way they deserve.