ChiWowTown Quiz

So you think you know everything there is to know about Chihuahuas??

Take the ChiWowTown Quiz to test your knowledge.

1. On Average, about how many Chihuahua puppies are there in a litter?

2. What is the average life span of a Chihuahua?

3. Is there a such thing as a Tea Cup Chihuahua?

4. True or False? There are only TWO varieties of Chihuahuas...long coat and short coat.

5. How long should you allow your dog's nails to grown?

6. How often should you trim your dog's nails?

7. How much plaque is an acceptable amount to be on your dog's teeth?

8. What are some natural, holistic ways to clean a dog's teeth?

9. What are some natural and holistic ways to prevent parasitic infections/outbreaks?

10. True or False? You should always sit on the floor and use two hands when holding a Chihuahua puppy?

11. Do Chihuahuas need constant grooming?

12. Is apple cider vinegar a natural flea deterrent?

13. How much time does a breeder put into breeding and raising healthy, socialized, friendly puppies?

14. Can Chihuahuas eat raw, uncooked bones and meat of rabbits, chickens, cow, quail, fish, deer, pork?

15. Is it possible to clean your dog's teeth without a dental visit at the vet?

16. A good breeder will ask as many questions of you as you do of them?

17. Are there natural treatments and remedies to eradicate Coccidia, Giardia and other internal parasites?

18. True or False? An emergency c-section for a Chihuahua can cost anywhere from $2500-$8000?