Please ask to see past pups, ask for references, ask for photos, ask to speak with their regular vet, ask about their housing accommodations...ask ask ask ask ask!!

I'd also like take a moment to tell you a little about what 'I' look for in a buyer! To me, it is VERY important that a buyer be well educated about Chihuahuas and that they understand NOT all Chihuahuas are created equal!! And just as not all Chihuahuas are created equal, neither are all breeders!!! Yes, a Chihuahua is a small dog with big personality, but selecting the best dogs with which to breed and considering all factors from personality, temperament, size, agility (just to name a few) are very important factors for a GOOD BREEDER to consider when choosing breeding pairs. Just throwing two Chihuahuas together to make puppies to sell, does NOT a good breeder make! For a buyer, it is imperative to research the breeder, look at how and where your puppy is being raised, how it is being socialized, how much time the breeder spends with each litter and if the dogs are housed indoors or outdoors. Each of those factors contributes immensely to what your puppy will grow to be like as an adult. If these factors are not important to you...I politely ask that you move on from my babies and look babies will not be what you are looking for! These Chihuahuas are not just my business...they are MY LIFE!!

Ask me why, what, and how?!

Back to the webpage heading...I always advise a prospective buyer to 'DO YOUR HOMEWORK' when looking to add a Chihuahua into your life. If you think my price is too high, then you clearly haven't done your homework by calling other reputable breeders nor done any research to discover what goes into producing such amazing Chihuahuas! My price is fair and on target for a Chihuahua that has been bred by responsible, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated breeders that DO NOT breed crappy adults just to have dogs to sell. These lesser, backyard, poor quality breeders don't care about quality and conformation and are eager to sell their pups to just about anyone and everyone, no screening involved, and don't stand behind their dogs. Please ask to see past pups, ask for references, ask for photos, ask to speak with their regular vet, ask about their housing accommodations...ask ask ask ask ask!!

I've heard too many stories from people who have bought dogs BASED ON PRICE ONLY and wound up with a 15 pound Chihuahua when being told it would be a "tiny". ! just want to caution you to do your homework with the breeder and just make sure you're getting what you want/they promise. A lot of lesser breeders will tell you their pups are going to be small or "tea cups" (a term that I, AND ALL REPUTABLE BREEDERS, DESPISE) and the pup winds up being 12 pounds! Not that the size makes them any more or less lovable, just may not have been what the buyer wanted...but unsuspecting buyers who aren't familiar with growth patterns or never look at a puppy growth chart or may have anything to use as comparison...just blindly trust sellers. You wouldn't buy anything on eBay from someone with a crappy feedback rating...buying a dog should be the same way!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! That is what makes me different than some other breeders...they just sell sell sell and sell cheap to get the pup sold and will tell buyers whatever they want to hear to make the sale...truth or not!

It also seems the thing to do these days is "rescue" ....admirable indeed, just not for everyone. I breed for the best quality possible that I can afford and I stick as closely to the AKC standards as hopes of producing an outstanding dog for the show ring and every pet home into which I place one of my pups. My pups are much closer to the AKC standards than most other Chihuahuas you are going to find in a rescue...usually those are the deer look and closer to 10 pounds!! I wish to heck those breeders would stop breeding...but some people just do it for the money and a quick $500 and they care next to nothing about breeding for a quality pup and breed lesser quality dogs and/or perpetuate genetic abnormalities and problems like luxating patellas, hernias, heart conditions, and serious behavioral issues and so on and so on and so on!

Beautiful Gracie