ALL interested buyers MUST submit an Application or Wishlist 
to be considered for a puppy adoption and to visit my home. 
If you haven't submitted one prior to your emailing or calling, you will be asked to do so.

Each pup/litter is priced individually and nothing is preset or predetermined. Many different factors affect pricing (including, but not limited to) time, my time, my time, my time, my time, my expertise, my expenses including materials and supplies, litter procurement expenses, veterinary costs, grooming, training, any extras including shipping/delivery, microchipping and availability...just to name a few. Also, each puppy will be priced based on their specific pedigree, size, color, gender, structure, conformation.  
One should expect prices from $1500 to several thousand, some are more and some are less.  

I like to say, I want my 'DOGS' to sell my dogs...not the 'Price'.
So come meet them in person and we'll talk.
But do not expect me to sell you a Ferrari at Ford prices.

I do not receive any public funds, charity, hand outs, discounted veterinary care, volunteer services or donations. Everything I put into my breeding program and babies comes out of my own personal pocket, time, energy, heart and resources. I do not receive any hand outs and therefore do not 'hand out' my babies. If you're scouring the internet to find the CHEAPEST Chihuahua pups are not for not ask me to sell you a Ferrari at Ford prices.  You should however, set up an appointment to meet me and my dogs to see first hand the difference between dogs raised by a breeder with heart, passion, expertise, in depth knowledge, and those sold by a below average, run of the mill, pet store/puppy mill backyard breeder or broker. And ask me for references...I have a bunch.

All prices are subject to change at ANY TIME, for any reason up to and until a deposit is received on that particular puppy. 
Please be aware ALL prices quoted are for Limited Registration ONLY.  
If you are interested in Full AKC Registration for 
Show or Breeding, please make your intentions known when contacting me. 
(Full AKC Registration pricing is determined by request/per situation and may vary greatly

Please submit a Puppy Buyer Wishlist when contacting me! 
Due to recent experiences, I will not review an application until a deposit is received. I spend a great deal of time, energy, and effort educating buyers about ideal pet care and a little commitment on your end filling out the Application or Wishlist, goes a long way on my end. 

If you do not want to fill out the Puppy Buyer Wishlist with personal details, story, wants, interests and budget, I do not want to talk to you about my babies.




DEPOSITS of $500 are required to select and hold a puppy. This deposit is absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE if you change your mind. The deposit is considered fair compensation for removing the puppy from the available list and for limiting the ability to market/sell the puppy. Once a deposit is received, the application will be reviewed and approved for purchase. Should the application be denied, the deposit will be refunded.  Please be sure you are able to care for and are permitted to purchase a puppy BEFORE sending a deposit, the story you will tell me about your extreme circumstance will be a story I have heard before. When a payment is paid IN FULL, a $500 fee will be automatically denoted as a deposit.

PAYMENTS may be made in the form of Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Personal Checks or PayP
al. If using PaylPal...PLEASE SEND AS MONEY to Friends and Family (not payment for service or goods) this way there are no additional PayPal fees taken out of the deposit. PayPal charges an additional 3% + fee for Payments towards goods or services which will need to be reimbursed to me by the buyer. Any remaining balance must be paid in cash only, unless paid in full prior to pick up. A personal check may be used if it is received and has cleared 10 days prior to puppy pick up. NO IFs ANDs OR BUTs.

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