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Thank you for stopping by Costello's ChiWowTown...The Original and BEST ChiWowTown...home of Purebred AKC Show Quality and Companion Long and Short Coat Chihuahuas and puppies located in Buffalo, New York.  I like to say my Chihuahuas are NOT your grandmother's yippy Chihuahuas!  I am a responsible, hobby breeder, breeding for the love of the Chihuahua! I love every aspect of my little fur babies and all that goes into raising healthy, well tempered and well socialized, show quality, amazing pets and champions.  I take breeding very seriously and strive to create friendly outgoing dogs that are lovable and not skittish or shaky. They are raised in my home, among family and friends, and are well socialized before leaving my home! NONE of my dogs are housed in kennels or outdoors. I receive compliments all the time regarding how well socialized and friendly my dogs are! I have plenty of references available, upon request, if you would like to contact any for reference! (That should be part of your homework!) I also breed as closely to the  AKC STANDARDS  as possible, therefore find myself always striving to better the breed. 

First and foremost, your primary concerns when deciding from whom to purchase a Chihuahua should be the HEALTH, QUALITY, temperament, personality, and living conditions of your pup. Also, it is imperative a breeder allows each mother pup to properly socialize their pups and that the breeder provides proper training and socialization with people, pets and diverse surroundings.  If scouring the internet to find the CHEAPEST Chihuahua around is your main pups are not for you; you likely won't appreciate just how big the difference is between purchasing a pup from a breeder that breeds with heart, passion, expertise, knowledge, amazing program dogs and purchasing a dog from a below average, run of the mill, pet store/puppy mill backyard breeder or broker. When contacting me, it is important to me for you as a buyer to learn/know what an awesome, amazing, well bred, well socialized, top quality Chihuahua acts and looks like, is likely to cost, and what that baby will add to your family and home. Whether you're looking for a show dog, a wonderful new companion for the family or a pup to breed...each of my breedings is carefully selected and orchestrated to create beautiful show quality pups that will satisfy the highest breed standard and showcase their most outstanding qualities. I do not 'breed down' to create a cheaper, inferior pup to sell as 'pet quality only' or to someone "Just looking for a pet". My hope is that EACH of my pups will satisfy even the most discerning buyers! So if you haven't done your homework or researched the breed...please do so and then check out my amazing babies! I recommend doing these things...otherwise it is unlikely that you'll be able to appreciate just how awesome my babies really are! 

Also, I'd appreciate if before emailing me, you take a moment to fill out and submit my Puppy Buyer Application that can be found on the Application & Pricing page. This will let me know how serious you are in your search and in my babies! I spend countless hours with my babies, so your commitment to my buying process helps me determine how serious you are as a buyer.



I'd like to POLITELY explain to everyone requesting a 'Tea Cup' Chihuahua...
...there is NO such classification as 'Tea Cup Chihuahua" 
There are only two separate classifications:
~~ short or long coat variations ~~ 

Please notice the difference in appearance of these two Chihuahuas. The one on the left is described as a 'deer head' Chihuahua. The one on the right is described as an 'apple head' Chihuahua and ONLY apple heads are considered to be worthy of the SHOW RING, as per The Chihuahua Club of America and the AKC (American Kennel Club). A show Chihuahua should have a short muzzle, a rounded "apple shaped" head, short stop, cobby body, shorter legs, and a straight back. These are the current characteristics of a show quality Chihuahua. However, those features do not guarantee health, quality or the best overall care. 

Deer head Chihuahuas are also likely purebreds, just as the apple heads, but in sharp contrast to their apple head counter parts, the breeders of this style of Chihuahua are usually not as concerned with temperament and may breed to sell fast and cheap. They often are very inexperienced and uneducated in the world of Chihuahua/canine care. Is this true of EVERY deer head Chihuahua owner/"breeder", of course not...all dogs are equally worthy of being loved. I know, I have owned both styles over my years. This is simply a statement of my own observation over many years of experience and a statement as to the direction I choose to take my breeding program. I do not intend to offend or alienate anyone who may have alternate views. 

If you have any questions at all...feel absolutely free to email, text or call! I am a responsible breeder that cares about the health and well being of my babies long after they have left my home, So if you ever have any questions or concerns about anything...please call anytime, but please don't call me asking for Tea Cup Chihuahuas...that is a term used by irresponsible breeders that care more about breeding for a TINY dog for BIG BUCKS than they care about the health of either the mom or the pups. "Tea Cups" are runts...plain and simple. TINY "Tea Cup" Chihuahuas should NOT be a breeders target size...due to health issues, injury and/or compromised vet care due to the frail size.No one can guarantee you the adult size of your Chihuahua puppy, until of course your puppy IS an adult. A growth/weight chart can be used to gauge or estimate how big or small a puppy may be, but that's just a tool to use as guide. Healthy Chihuahuas can range from 3 lbs to 9 lbs or even more. Weight is not the only factor of a healthy Chihuahua. Many other factors will affect your puppy's health including: type of food, exercise, general environmental conditions. 

It takes time, money, love, responsibility and knowledge to raise a successful pet! Please feel confident that you possess these qualities before asking about any of my puppies! Health and happiness of your puppy falls squarely on your shoulders as a responsible pet owner. I consider it my job to help you 'any and every' step of the way!

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