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If you are not committed and ready to make a purchase, do NOT set up an appointment to visit my home. 

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(*Adults are NEVER placed 'free to good home' at ANY point!)

All interested buyers MUST submit an Application to discuss availability, pricing of a puppy and to set up a visit. 

If you're looking for the perfect Chihuahua puppy? Or the perfect 'Chiwawa' or 'Chiwuawua' puppy...maybe even the perfect 'Chiuaua', 'Chihuaua' or 'Chiwowee' puppy? No matter how you think it's spelled, if you're searching for the perfect Chihuahua puppy for sale near you, or even not so near you, your search ends here. We have a Chihuahua puppy or grown dog for every family, most reasonable budgets, every personality and location. Whether you're searching for an elusive Tea Cup Chihuahua, a modernized apple head Chihuahua puppy, a classic, yet charming deer head Chihuahua, a long coat or short coat, tall or short...or even an older, more settled adult...whatever you're looking for, we're here to help! Here at ChiWowTown, we have an amazing family of puppies and adults looking for their new furever lap and we'll help you find your perfect match! We pride ourselves on having an amazing blend of looks, coats, styles, genders, ages and personalities. We are also usually able to accommodate most reasonable budgets, so please be specific and realistic on your application. Please take the time to submit an application with a realistic description of your search criteria (including your estimated budget) and I will do my best to match you with a puppy, toddler or adult that will satisfy those criteria. Pricing generally ranges from $2500 -$5000.  Some may be more, some may be less....and pricing is entirely up to me...NOT...what else you've seen on the internet...what other breeders are charging...or what your last Chihuahua cost. In order to visit my home, you will be asked to share a form of identification (ex. a state issued ID). I need to know who is coming to my home before they actually do! If you have a problem with that, I have a problem with you! 

I do not do Wait Lists or 'advance' deposits. I do not like the chaos of Wait Lists, nor the artificial "demand" they're designed to create. These are sneaky tactics used by some to make their dogs appear to be more desirable or be in higher demand than they really are. If not listed, PRICING will ONLY be discussed when a COMPLETED APPLICATION is received. Prices are subject to change at any point up until a deposit is received. ALL DEPOSITS RECEIVED ARE ABSOLUTELY NON-REFUNDABLE. Please be SURE you are committed to the puppy, not expecting any job promotions, address relocations or life changing events to occur BEFORE you choose to send a deposit. If you are not committed and ready to make a purchase, do NOT set up an appointment to visit my home. All interested buyers MUST click & submit an Application to discuss availability and pricing of a puppy and/or to set up a visit. Please do not make an appointment to come to my home to see puppies until AFTER You Have...Fixed Your Furnace, Paid Your Taxes, Gone To The Doctor, Asked Your Husband - Your Brother - Your Sister - or your Mother, Returned From Vacation, Taken A Nap, Washed Your Car, Changed Your Password, Brushed Your Teeth (you get the idea). Also, I do not need to hear about -> The Canadian to US exchange rate. That you're just putting your "feelers out" to see which breeder bites at your offers. The wonderfully altruistic things you've done for your neighbors, parents and kids. That you still need to pay your taxes. That you've never paid that much for a dog. That you're saving for a vacation and will be ready for a dog in a few months. That you're not even sure a Chihuahua is the dog you want. Side note - if you visit my home to meet a puppy and then claim not to be ready for whatever reason (financial, job, vacation, health, whatever) rest assured, there likely won't be another meeting. (⬆PLEASE STOP WASTING MY TIME⬆)