Application, Pricing & Policies


If you are not committed and ready to make a purchase, do NOT set up an appointment to visit my home. 

All interested buyers MUST submit an Application to discuss availability and pricing of a puppy and/or to set up a visit. Please do NOT make an appointment to come to my home to see puppies until AFTER You Have...Fixed Your Furnace, Paid Your Taxes, Gone To The Doctor, Talked to Your Husband - Your Brother - Your Sister - or your Mother, Returned From Vacation, Taken A Nap, Washed Your Car, Changed Your Password, Brushed Your Teeth (you get the idea). Click HERE for the application or scroll to the bottom of this page for the online application. Please ONLY submit an application when you are READY to bring a new baby home and ONLY after you have reviewed all of the information about ChiWowTown's breeding program and you feel that ChiWowTown is the breeder for you. ALL inquiries should be accompanied by the required Application, which can be found on the Application, Pricing & Policies page. Application should be complete with detailed and specific information about your ideal puppy, estimated timeframe and budget and you should be follow up with a call, text or email. Please be advised, if you send a text without your name and choose not to submit an application with your inquiry, you will likely not receive a response to your message. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if you aren't willing to spend 5 minutes sharing information about you and your search, I won't waste any time on a response to you. Sadly, some people send texts with no real interest in purchasing a puppy and that just wastes everyone's time. I do not do Wait Lists or 'advance' deposits. I do not like the chaos of Wait Lists, nor the artificial "demand" they're designed to create. These are sneaky tactics used by some to make their dogs appear to be more desirable or appear in higher demand than they really are. If not listed, PRICING will ONLY be discussed when a COMPLETED APPLICATION is received. Prices of all puppies are subject to change at any point up until a deposit is received. ALL DEPOSITS RECEIVED ARE ABSOLUTELY NON-REFUNDABLE. Please be SURE you are committed to the puppy (not expecting any job promotions, home relocations, life changing events) BEFORE you choose to send a deposit. If you visit my home to meet a puppy and then claim not to be ready, for whatever reason (financial, job, vacation, health, whatever) rest assured, there likely won't be another meeting. Also, I do not need to hear about -> The Canadian to US exchange rate. That you're just putting your "feelers out" to see which breeder bites at your offers. The wonderfully altruistic things you've done for your neighbors, parents and kids. That you still need to pay your taxes. That you've never paid that much for a dog. That you're saving for a vacation and will be ready for a dog in a few months. That you're not even sure a Chihuahua is the dog you want. Side note - if you visit my home to meet a puppy and then claim not to be ready for whatever reason (financial, job, vacation, health, whatever) rest assured, there likely won't be another meeting. (⬆PLEASE STOP WASTING MY TIME⬆)


Due to the rising costs of everything these days...especially items we use to raise and produce our amazing puppies...

  ...including fresh foods (like chicken, beef, vegetables, eggs, etc.) utilities, supplies, veterinary care... just to name a few...pricing may be subject to change and one should expect pricing to average $2500-$5000 (some may be more, some may be less and it's entirely up to me) but if price is all that matters to you when looking for a have come to the wrong place. Pricing will vary per litter and is COMPLETELY up to me...NOT what else you've seen on the internet, what other breeders are charging or what your last Chihuahua cost. Many different factors affect pricing (including, but not limited to) time, my time, my time, my time, my expertise, my expenses, materials and supplies, availability, litter procurement expenses, veterinary, training & grooming costs...and any extras including: shipping/delivery, microchipping...(that's the short list). If pricing is not listed, please inquire via email and submit the required application for information and pricing. I'll take your inquiry as seriously as you take the application. If you can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes sharing some information about yourself, I'm unlikely to take you very seriously. Sorry...but there are many time wasters on the internet.


*DEPOSITS are required to select and hold a puppy. Deposits are calculated up to 50% of the full price of the dog/puppy (or an agreed amount TBD). This deposit is absolutely NON-REFUNDABLE and is considered fair compensation for removing the puppy from the available list and for limiting my ability to market/sell the puppy to others. This amount will be applied to the total purchase price. Should a payment be made is made IN FULL before (or at) pickup, a 50% portion of that payment will be designated as the DEPOSIT amount and is NONREDUNDABLE for ANY REASON. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NONTRANSFERABLE. Even if you find a cheaper puppy, one is available sooner or right away, or another breeder reaches out and "accepts your offer" will lose the deposit you placed to hold the puppy with me. PLEASE BE SURE YOU WANT THE PUPPY OR DOG before sending any deposits. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Should the seller need to cancel the sale for any reason, the deposit will be refunded.  Please be sure you are able to care for and are permitted to purchase a puppy BEFORE sending ANY DEPOSIT or PAYMENTS. (The story you will tell me about needing your deposit back will be one I have heard before and it will not change the terms of the agreement.) 

*PAYMENTS may ONLY be made in the form of Cash, Cashier's (Bank) Checks, Money Orders, Personal Checks (personal checks cannot be accepted for final payment for a same day pickup) Any remaining balance on pick up/delivery day MUST be paid by cash or CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY. NO IFs ANDs OR BUTs. ***NO DIGITAL (MONEY) TRANSACTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!*** In the event any deposits or payments are to be accepted through will ONLY be accepted when sent through the option of sending funds to 'Friends or Family' or 'To Someone You Trust'...this is essentially a cash payment. ABSOLUTELY NO PAYMENTS OR DEPOSITS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WITH THE BUYER PROTECTION OPTION ON PAYPAL.  The reason for this is PayPal does NOT support or protect sellers/breeders in any sale involving any type of animal or pet and therefore, will side with the buyer to refund their money to them if a buyer disputes a transaction. PayPal will pull the payment from the seller/breeder and the breeder has no recourse to recoup the money OR the puppy. Many unscrupulous buyers (ie scammers) practice this art of deception and fraud routinely on PayPal ...this enables them to receive their money back AND to keep the puppy. PayPal will NOT offer any Seller Protections to breeders on any sale involving live animals or pets...SO a PayPal payment will ONLY be accepted in the form of a payment/transfer from person to person...the 'send funds to someone you trust' option. PERIOD (Don't like it, don't use PayPal.)

*SHIPPING & DELIVERY OPTIONS You have several options for transporting your ChiWowTown baby! Options include one of my personal delivery drivers or an in-flight puppy nanny. Both will ensure a CLEAN, SAFE, PROTECTED and COMFORTABLE journey for your baby to his/her new home! Pricing will vary and starts at $600 to $1000, pricing dependent on availability of drivers/nannies, flights and distance. Please note: I WILL NOT SHIP VIA CARGO!! EVER!!! Shipping via cargo puts undo stress on a young puppy. They travel unaccompanied in specified shipping bays of an airplane with no supervision and awful loud engine noise. God forbid there be a medical emergency, no one will be able to attend to the pups until the airplane lands and the luggage is removed. I will NOT subject my babies to that level of stress and angst after leaving me.

*TERMS OF SALE Seller makes no warranty, claim or guarantee as to the puppy/dog's projected adult size, color, weight or features and is sold as “pet quality” only.  Purchase price is nonrefundable for any reason. Buyer has the right to have puppy/dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice at their expense within 7 days of purchase. If a TERMINAL LIFE ENDING health problem is present, the buyer must arrange a return of the puppy/dog at their expense within 24 hours of discovering the problem to qualify for any replacement. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PRORATION OR PARTIAL REFUNDS OF THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR ANY REASON! A seller may choose to keep the puppy and incur all financial liabilities and expenses, or they may choose to return the puppy (at their expense) in exchange for a replacement. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED FOR ANY REASON IN ANY AMOUNT. The buyer also must provide the seller with a signed statement from the veterinarian stating the terminal diagnosis and prognosis. If the seller’s veterinarian verifies/confirms the prognosis after an exam, the buyer will be entitled to another puppy/dog of the same sex and selling price. Upon buyer taking possession of the dog/puppy, seller is not and will not liable or responsible to cover ANY veterinarian/medical expenses pertaining to the purchase or care nor any fees or expenses associated with any extraneous treatments including, but not limited to, any of the following: hypoglycemia (low sugar or sugar crash), persistent or intermittent diarrhea, infections, anemia, kennel cough, umbilical or inguinal hernia, Giardia, Coccidiosis, Distemper, Parvovirus, wormy stools, luxating patella, hydrocephalus, deafness, blindness, cancer, or infections. EVERY EFFORT IS MADE TO SELL DOGS FREE OF THESE PROBLEMS, though there is no guarantee any of these issues won't present at some point. In the event of a death of dog/puppy while in the buyer's possession, a full necropsy by a licensed veterinarian MUST be completed/submitted to seller in order to be eligible for any type of replacement. NO EXCEPTIONS! Seller's vet MUST agree with the findings to receive a replacement of any kind. AKC Registration, including Limited or Full, is not guaranteed and is evaluated and determined on a per case basis by the seller/breeder. NO AKC paperwork will be provided at puppy pickup/delivery. These terms are nonnegotiable. In the event that seller must commence any legal proceedings, buyer shall be responsible for all attorney fees, court costs, process service fees and marshal/constable/sheriff fees.

*FORFEITURE OF TRANSACTION Once a pick up/delivery date is set and confirmed, any cancelations or rescheduling may result in additional delivery fees or boarding fees. Two or more cancellation dates or requests to reschedule pick/delivery will result in forfeiture of transaction and deposit. Any transference of deposit will be at the sole discretion of the seller and is not guaranteed.

**REFUNDS After a payment is made in IN FULL upon pickup/delivery of a puppy, NO portion of the payment/deposit is refundable for ANY REASON. You cannot "return" the puppy for a refund just because you changed your mind or the new puppy does not get along with your other dog or "it just isn't working out". This is NOT're not ordering a coat or pair of shoes you get to try out and send back. Puppies/dogs are a huge commitment...they are living, breathing, helpless beings that require LOVE, constant attention, care, time, money and YOUR mental stamina. At the minimum, a full 30 days should be devoted to acclimating new dogs and puppies to each other. There is no magic bullet or method or timeframe...but one should expect a period of standoffishness, apprehension, hiding, or just basic behavior change from dogs already in the home until the new pecking order is established and each dog learns to be comfortable with the new addition. There is plenty of time to research, review, seek help & advice, PRIOR to you picking up your new puppy and there are also endless resources available for assistance after you bring the puppy into your home, including friends & family, the Internet, Facebook, dog trainers etc. If you need help with the new dynamic, seek out any of the endless resources available to you. Please be sure you and your family are ready for this commitment prior to pick up/delivery. There is NO RETURNING a puppy because your dogs don't get along. You may surrender the puppy or dog back to me at any time WITHOUT financial remuneration. There is NO financial compensation for surrenders for ANY REASON. PERIOD! (I may also refuse to accept a return at any time...regardless of matter if it has been 1 day, 1 month or 1 year.) If you'd rather seek to recoup your financial investment yourself, you are free to rehome your new baby yourself and at your own discretion. YOU MUST KNOW AND AGREE TO THIS GOING IN! I believe making sure people understand and agree to the commitment they are making UP FRONT (before the purchase) is the BEST way to ensure people are not acting hastily or without thorough consideration. Providing people an 'out' without consequence or culpability, is what has gotten this society to the point it is at...adults acting like spontaneous, impulsive, petulant children who need safe spaces when life gets tough, while facing no consequences for their actions. If you or your home life is NOT confident that your mental, financial and residential stability is strong enough and secure enough to withstand whatever may arise from the addition of a new baby into your not do it! If you do choose to surrender your dog/puppy, you will be asked what professional service or trainers or aids you have enlisted or hired for help with your issue. If your answer is NONE, I will not be helping you. If an unforeseen situation arises where a puppy/dog needs to be returned to the seller/breeder by the buyer, this will be considered a SURRENDER. This is in NO WAY a warranty or guarantee of any kind. If possible, every effort will be made to determine the best path forward for both the puppy and the buyer. *If at any point in time a buyer is unable to keep a dog/puppy due to their own personal health issues, loss of home, death or other catastrophe...the breeder/seller will ALWAYS, happily and readily, receive that dog/puppy back as a surrender without any compensation to the questions asked!

Additional Information: I do not receive any public funds, charity, hand outs, discounted veterinary care, volunteer services or donations. Everything I put into my breeding program and babies comes out of my own personal pocket, time, energy, heart and resources. I do not receive any hand outs and therefore do not 'hand out' my babies. If you're scouring the internet for the CHEAPEST Chihuahua around and for a breeder to give you "a great deal"...I'm not the breeder for you. If you're looking for a breeder who goes above and beyond on EVERY front to raise her dogs & puppies...including using natural & holistic care and treatments, feeding a homemade raw food diet, limiting toxins and harmful pharmaceuticals, then you SHOULD definitely call to arrange an appointment to meet me and my dogs. Come see, first hand, the difference between puppies and dogs raised by a breeder with heart, passion, and expertise and those sold and brokered by mills, pet stores/backyard breeders and brokers.

*All prices are subject to change at ANY TIME, for any reason, up to and until a deposit is received each puppy/dog.