According to the veterinary industry, and pretty much anyone with even the smallest amount of knowledge about canine health, dental health and regular maintenance is one of the MOST important things to be aware of with your pet. Even the AKC sends notices about how important dental health is to your canine and I couldn't agree more! However, it seems no one is really willing to offer usable, real world advice, techniques or tips to help proactively care for your pet's dental health; we're given reactive options, including expensive professional dental cleanings with anesthesia and tooth pulling at the vet. These cleanings put the dogs under anesthesia, which is always involves risk, and are often VERY expensive. What I can't figure out is, why if dental health is so extremely important and imperative for good health, is a "routine" dental cleaning often the MOST expensive of the "routine" procedures offered by vets and is only offered at a "discount" once a year...during their "Dental Awareness Month"? And if dental health is so important, which it is, and affects every aspect of a pet's health and is the #1 leading cause of congestive heart failure, why are vets not inundating us with dozens of natural, healthy, proactive ways to try to care for our pets' dental health in an effort to avoid the costly, risky invasive dental cleanings?

(Think about that people, are the vets encouraging you to try natural ways??? Or do they just push and remind you every visit when "Dental Health Month" is and that you'll be saving some random 20%? Really, you can save me 20% only during "Dental Health Month", but no other time?? Meaning it's 20% overpriced every other time of year? Or are the prices so arbitrary that the 20% "discount" during "Dental Health Month" is just a slight hit against profits for that month which will be made up by dozens of other over priced procedures and "routine" preventative treatments through the month and year.)

If dental health is SO important and this dental procedure involving anesthesia and invasive measures is SO necessary...why do the vets make it the MOST expensive of the "routine" preventative procedures and only offers a "discounts" of the arbitrarily inflated cost once a year? Shouldn't this extremely important procedure be the most affordable and offered at a discount all year, being that your canine's health depends SO HEAVILY on the health of their teeth? Why would a vet, "an advocate for the animal" price this procedure so out of reach for pet owners and only offer "discounts" once a year during their "Dental Health Awareness" month? To try to make people think this is their only option to care for the dental health of their pets; to save up over the year for this obnoxiously expensive procedure...all in the name of "proper pet care and responsible pet ownership".



Of course, care for your pet is a personal choice.

You should do your own research to decide what works best for you.

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Your first line of defense is adding raw apple cider vinegar to your dog's drinking water.

I use 2 0z per gallon of water.

I also use a $5 dental scraper, available at Walmart or any drug store, to do routine cleanings.