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See the difference nature makes!
Welcome to ChiWowTown ChihuahuasBreeding a Better, Healthier, Stronger Chihuahua Our Chihuahuas are fed whole foods, incorporating whole prey and species appropriate organic diets.  We limit harmful and toxic medicines and pesticides and use natural or homeopathic remedies whenever possible.Focusing on natural, holistic care and diet creates incredibly diverse gut biomes that promote and nurture healthy and strong immune systems.A healthy, strong immune system is the pathway to a long, disease-free life. LONGEVITY IS OUR GOAL!!
Also, I do not list all of my puppies, toddlers or please send me an email or application with what you're looking for...and I'll see if I may be able to help.

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PRIMARY OBJECTIVES OF OUR BREEDING PROGRAMTo prevent the over-vaccination of young puppies and adult dogs who may already posses protective immunity to many common diseases. To limit the consumption of low quality, highly processed dry kibbles, by incorporating healthy, fresh and raw foods into the daily diet.To research, find and promote the use of natural, holistic and homeopathic alternatives and products to treat common and parasitic infections. To limit the use of toxic (year round) chemicals & neurotoxins used as "preventatives" to common parasitic and other infections.
I will NEVER apologize, compromise or negotiate what I believe are the most important things a "BREEDER" should be doing when raising dogs and puppies, INCLUDING giving puppies the absolute best start in life with healthy, organic, raw meals to help develop a strong, robust immune system with a diverse gut biome. This is accomplished in part by limiting potentially harmful pharmaceuticals and neurotoxins and using chemical dewormers and antiparasitics ONLY when necessary...NOT indiscriminately.
ChiWowTown Chihuahuas is the home of the best, most outstanding, naturally reared, purebred AKC registered, long and short coat Chihuahuas located near Buffalo, New York.  I am a small scale, in-home, hobby breeder, breeding for the love of the Chihuahua! I love every aspect of my little fur babies and all that goes into raising healthy, well tempered and well socialized, amazing dogs. I take breeding very seriously and strive to create friendly outgoing dogs that are lovable, outgoing, friendly, smart, and not skittish, barky, shaky or neurotic. They are raised in my home, among family and friends, and are well socialized before leaving my home! NONE of my dogs are housed in kennels or outdoors. We raise our Chihuahua puppies and dogs with a huge focus on nature and their living a much more natural and evolutionarily appropriate lifestyle and what a journey this has been...and continues to be. I began this journey with the idea of just creating some beautiful puppies for people to, what I have learned along the way...and what amazing transformations I've undergone. N0 longer is the shape of a forehead, or the length of a nose what drives me to be the best breeder I can be. My journey now focuses on whole body health, natural & organic nutrition, holistic and homeopathic remedies for care while limiting unnecessary pharmaceuticals, and a lifelong commitment to continuing education. I like to say, My Chihuahuas are NOT your grandmother's yippy Chihuahuas! I receive many compliments about how well socialized and friendly my dogs are and these families are available, upon request, to be called for reference. (That should be part of your homework!) There are tons of 'run of the mill', same ol same ol, hum drum "breeders" out there to choose from, and unless you know what sets us all won't know how best to make your decision. Outside of the obvious of creating a well tempered, well socialized, healthy puppy, I feel that providing a life full of natural foods and experiences (the way nature intended) is of the utmost importance in raising my dogs. There is so much new information out there for buyers to learn and know, I believe it is my calling to not only create majestic, outstanding puppies for people all over the world...but to also educate pet owners how to BEST take care of their babies without the manipulative recommendations of some veterinarians these days. I've spent a great deal of time collecting and organizing some highly educational and informative information on my website, so please feel free to check out the links and pages to get a better idea of the items I feel are most important for a pet owner/buyer to know and research when considering from whom to purchase a new puppy.  

I do not receive any public funds, charity, hand outs, discounted veterinary care, volunteer services or donations. Everything I put into my breeding program and babies comes out of my own personal pocket, time, energy, heart and resources. I do not receive any hand outs and therefore do not 'hand out' my babies. If you're looking for cheap dog/puppy, you've come to the wrong place.

If you ever have any questions at all about care or anything on my website...please feel absolutely free to email, text or call!  But PLEASE do not call me asking for Tea Cup Chihuahuas  - If you call and ask, "I'd like a TEA CUP CHIHUAHUA PLEASE". The answer is:  *****THERE IS NO SUCH THING***** I will politely explain to that there is no such thing as a 'Tea Cup' Chihuahua. There is NO such classification as 'Tea Cup Chihuahua" there are only two separate varieties ~~ short coat and long coat varieties.  Tea Cup Chihuahua is a term used by irresponsible "breeders" that care more about breeding for a TINY dog for BIG BUCKS than they care about the health of either the mom or the pups. "Tea Cups" are runts...plain and simple. TINY "Tea Cup" Chihuahuas should NOT be a breeder's target size, due to the potential for health issues, injury and/or compromised vet care due to the frail size. No one can guarantee you the adult size of your Chihuahua puppy, until of course your puppy IS an adult, but a growth/weight chart can be used to gauge or estimate how big or small a puppy may be as an adult, but it's just a tool to use as guide. Healthy Chihuahuas can range from 2 lbs to 20 lbs or even more. Weight should not be the only determining factor when selecting a Chihuahua and so many other factors will affect your puppy's lifelong health including: type of food, exercise, general environmental conditions and genetics. Your success as a pet parent will take plenty of love, time, money, commitment, consistency and knowledge! Please feel confident that you possess these qualities before asking about any of my puppies! Health and happiness of your puppy falls squarely on your shoulders as a responsible pet owner, though I consider it my pleasure to help you every step of the way!