One of the biggest issues facing pet owners today is keeping the fleas away! There are several things you can do to stay proactive in the fight against fleas! Although there are countless topical pharmaceuticals available at your disposal, if one is interested in staying away from harmful synthetic pharmacological chemicals, there are many natural remedies to try! You will have to experiment and decide for yourself which you prefer and which are most effective, because as always, individual results may very!

First and easiest, adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your dog's drinking water is something that I have found to be VERY effective against flea infestation. Simply adding a few tablespoons of ACV to the drinking water of your pet will deter fleas from biting. I mix up 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of raw, organic unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar into one gallon of water and fill water bowls from that container. The apple cider vinegar will be imperceptible to you, but the slight change in pH and/or the small amount that will be secreted through your dog's pores, will be enough to deter the fleas from biting. The fleas don't find that smell and/or pH appealing and they stay away! It had been working flawlessly for me for the last several years...until I decided to stop for a few weeks one summer just to see if in fact I would notice a difference or see any fleas and sure enough...when I stopped using the ACV, I DID wind up finding seeing a few new fleas. So I started the ACV back up in the drinking water and after a few ACV/water bath/spritzes more fleas! I swear by it! An white vinegar/water bath is a great way to kill fleas that may be on your pet also. I suggest mixing in a 50:50 ratio of white vinegar to water and spritzing it on your pet's coat at least every few days or every other week. Let it dry and that will be a great natural flea deterrent too!


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Another ALL NATURAL defense against fleas (and internal parasites) is Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is a white clay-like powder that is composed of the fossilized remains of marine plankton, which once were the main source of food in prehistoric times. As the plankton died, their fossilized remains fell to the bottom of the sea floor and eventually hardened and became the clay like powder, referred to as diatomite. The fresh water deposits of diatomite eventually were transported onto land where they are now mined. This form of diatomite is called food grade diatomaceous earth because it is the purest form of DE and can be consumed by humans and animals. Diatomaceous earth has been proven to be effective in killing internal and external parasites such as fleas, intestinal worms, and other harmful organisms in humans and animals. Because diatomaceous earth is crushed into sharp shards, it can efficiently eradicate harmful organisms in the blood and digestive system of mammals. These razor sharp shards work by slicing the joints of the parasites, causing them to die and be expelled from the body.


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Garlic has been a topic of much debate for many years regarding its health and safety benefits and concerns for dogs. For years, it was thought that garlic in any amount was toxic to dogs. Thanks to the research experts, it has been determined that garlic can be good for dogs! The reason why garlic is added to dog food and treats is because it has many health benefits. Even if you’re not sure about dogs and garlic, and decide to start with a very low amount, your dog will still reap the health rewards. Its main claim to fame is the benefit it has on a dog’s digestive tract.

There are lots of other wonderful health reasons why garlic can help your dog:

Tick/Flea Repellent: It won’t kill the fleas and ticks, but those little buggers don’t like the taste of it. One sniff and they’ll be making their way off your dog.

Immune System Boost: Garlic has proven to do wonders with dogs with suppressed immune systems and as well has those fighting cancer. It gives a boost to bloodstream cells that kill bad microbes and cancer cells.

Liver Boost: Garlic is known to have detoxifying effects, which can help the liver get rid of toxins from the body.

Fights Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Infections: Bacteria, virus and fungi are no match for garlic! With its potent antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, it fights parasites and protozoan organisms as well.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol and Triglyceride: Mix the proper dose of uncooked garlic with your dog’s food and it can help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Cardiovascular Boost: Wonderful in older and overweight dogs, garlic can prevent blood clots, and reduce cholesterol levels and fat build up in the arteries.