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Contained on this page are a compilation of tips, advice and preventive measures to care for your furry friends using a more holistic approach. 'Holistic' is a buzz word these days used when referencing everything from health care to food consumption to beauty products and on and on! When I began breeding my beloved Chihuahuas many years ago, I had little knowledge of the intricacies of the pet industry regarding health and care. I became a member of many chat groups pertaining to canine health and longevity and I learned that the veterinary industry is not as transparent as we are led to believe. Some of the issues I now feel VERY strongly about are items that we, the pet owners of America, have been taught (or brainwashed) by the veterinary industry into believing were absolutely necessary, no room for question and no room for debate, PERIOD! And if  you think any differently or dare to question any of the suggested routine veterinary protocols, you are a piece of crap pet owner playing Russian roulette with your pet's life.  Well, I have found many of these common practices to be misleading and most of the things that we have been brainwashed into believing are for the betterment of our pets are actually not that at's simply just not the case. Study after study has uncovered concrete revelations about pet care including intentionally misleading the public about over medicating, over vaccinating, over treating, under educating consumers about proper health and pushing poor quality commercial kibbles and toxic treats. 

Please pardon my rant, but I recently came across a breeder's site that poo pooed breeders that feed raw and breeders that question the frequency of mandatory routine vaccinations and this person's site said to run away any breeder straying off the WELL BEATEN path. They wrote that "GOOD" breeders should feed a high quality commercial kibble and treat their dogs with every pharmaceutical preventative available...I was so SICK to my stomach reading it! That is SUCH bull that I almost screamed!! Raw (actual meat) is BAD for dogs???? Excuse me???? Are they not carnivores and ANIMALS?? Is meat and bone NOT what they have been eating for thousands of years?? We certainly haven't genetically modified their digestive systems in the relatively short time since their domestication.  There has been report after report revealing the CRAP they put in commercial kibble and how bad it actually is for your pet's health. (Click on these links  COMMERCIAL DOG FOOD and DOG FOOD TRUTHS for more info!) 

Studies have also finally disproven the long held belief that hard kibble prevents plaque! Kibble is 40-50% sugary/carbohydrates. At least half, if not more, domestic dogs die from congestive heart failure, which is often directly attributed to poor dental health and heavy plaque buildup...and if ALL dogs are currently eating such 'great' commercial kibble, WHY are there sooo many issues with the dogs' teeth being horribly covered with plaque and rotting out of their heads?? So, yes, keep the vets in business with unnecessary EXPENSIVE dental cleaning using dangerous anesthesia vs being proactive doing things yourself and using natural remedies?? Yes, definitely the sign of a good breeder is to follow like a sheep and question nothing and put a pet under unnecessary, potentially dangerous, procedures for things you can easily monitor yourself. 

There have also been scientific studies outlining the lack of need for yearly, even every 3 year, routine booster vaccines of rabies and DHPP. (Click on this link VACCINES for more info!) If one REALLY has their pets' best interests at heart and REALLY wants to know for sure if their pet needs a booster (instead of just spouting off how irresponsible others are for not following blindly) order a TITER test to be done on a dog to see if he/she needs a booster, or if in fact there are still antibodies present and is in fact protected! Studies have shown that these shots have the potential to be effective up to, if not longer, than 10 years! I wish these "good" breeders would get their heads out of um...out of the sand!!