If interested in any of the puppies below, please submit an application or submit an email with relevant information.

My pricing is NOT based on...

....what else you've seen on the internet,

....what other puppies are "going for", or

....what you paid for a puppy in the past. 

I shy away from Wait Lists and 'advance' deposits as I find they are a complete waste of time. 

I do not like the chaos of Waitlists, nor the artificial "demand" they're designed to create.

Waitlists can be clever tactics used by some to make their dogs appear more desirable or in higher demand than they actually are. 

Don't fall for it!


ALL interested buyers MUST submit an Application or Wishlist (and provide a copy of a valid government issued ID) in order to visit my home and to discuss puppies.

If not listed, pricing will be discussed when a completed Application/Wishlist or detailed email is received.

Prices are always subject to change up to, but not after, a deposit is received.


Please be SURE you are committed to the puppy you choose BEFORE sending a deposit.

Average pricing starts at $3500 and up unless otherwise noted.

Meet Missy's Chocolate Boy - Chico

Missy's boys
 (Born January 10, 2023)
Chico & Chaz are available
Chico is a long coat chocolate/tri and he is gorgeous.  He is charting 6-7 pounds as his adult weight. 
Chaz is a short coat blue fawn spotted on white...charting around 6 pounds for adult weight.
Both are potty pad trained.


Chico & Chaz

Georgie's two short coat girls

Georgie's short coat girls
(Born November 16, 2022)
Betty Boop (white)Sugar Pop (fawn)
These two sweethearts are absolutely gorgeous. I have decided to consider placing these two girls due to recent family developments. Betty Boop (white) is charting 6-7 pounds adult weight and Sugar Pop (fawn) is charting under 5 pounds. They are currently working on their potty training outdoors and are already crate trained.$5000
Say hello to Biggie Smalls 
(long coat, chocolate tri, male - Born June 10, 2022)

Hello, my name is Biggie! My mommy gave me a couple names when I was a baby...but my mom didn't like any of them...she called me Bartley at first, but I didn't like that one. Then she called me Bentley...that was a little better, but I still didn't love it! Then one day, she called me Biggie and I ran right over and licked her face! So she picked that one finally! I'm a total love bug...just a little shy. I'm a long coat chocolate tri colored boy about 8 months old and sweet as pie. It may take me a little while to warm up to new people, but when I do, I'm a cuddly, loving, submissive ball of lap love! You're gonna love me! My current mommy has been potty training me outdoors and I love my crate and bed! You won't even have to train me to potty outside! I'm literally worth my weight in gold! If you'd like to meet me, let my mommy know. Oh and I am already microchipped and have vaccines appropriate per age. Will require rabies when neutered. Weighs 4.75 pounds and born June 10, 2022 $3000 (Neuter before placement may be arranged for an additional fee.)

Looking for personality?? Meet Ferdinand
(short coat, black merle, male - Born June 10, 2022)

Hello! My name is Ferdinand and I'm that boy you've been looking for! I am POSITIVELY stunning… I mean, just look at me and my colors! I have so much energy and I love to run and play. I'd love for you to bring me along for company on your walks or hikes in the woods. It would be so much fun to play a little throw and fetch in the park on a sunny day and then sit and relax under a shade tree with a nice cool soda or tea while watching the sun set. I will be your loving, committed companion. Oh I almost forgot, I also love to chew on my bones and chew toys...but make sure you have a bunch of them…because I like them A LOT and I like to destroy them! And I promise to be your very best friend for life! My current mommy has been potty training me to use the potty outside… you won’t even have to train me to potty outside! And I love the privacy of my cozy crate and bed! I'm worth my weight in gold! I'm microchipped too! I will need my Rabies vaccine when I'm neutered. I weigh around 9.75 pounds and I was born June 10, 2022 $3000 (Neuter before placement may be arranged for an additional fee.)